Beijing is considered as one of the populous city in the world. It is also known for its nick name “giant city”, the capital of China. Due to its growing population, the increase in the demand of transportation is also rising. That is the government of China make it a point to improve their community projects that has to do with the railways, subways, buses, air force, bicycle and other transportation.

The authorities also encourage the investors to invest in public relations like business such as tour agency, and taxi cab group which is considered as the main service road. Those who are dependent to taxis would mostly include the working group of people. Therefore with the high number of people in China, no wonder that entrepreneurs are enticed to try this kind of income generating job.

Beijing Limousine Taxi

Beijing Taxicab - Tour-



A tour agency where transportation is provided including taxis.

0086- 10- 8581- 9432
Beijing Taxicab - Beijing-Eastern-Taxi-Service

Beijing Eastern Taxi Service


We provide taxi services, even through direct calls.

(86) 13681890964
Beijing Taxicab - Travel China Guide

Travel China Guide


Travelling agency that offers car rentals, including taxis.

(+86)29 85236688
Beijing Taxicab - Info Taxi (Beijing)

Info Taxi (Beijing)


A world wide based company that provides taxi services starting from the airport, down to the hotels