Taxi Companies in Beijing

There is an abundance of taxi cabs in beijing for it is one of the main modes of transportation in the cities. The cab are also color coded in the colors of, red, blue, yellow, green, yellow and white for them to be found easier. Common car models that are used are as follows. Hyundai Sonata, Elantra, Volkswagen Santana, and Jetta.

Air pollution in the city is a huge problem, and should all the public vehicles be replaced with electric powered ones, the pollution rate in the city will be decreased by as much as 27%. Knowing this study by a Beijing company, the investor and electric car companies expect the government to consider replacing its aging taxi and bus for the betterment of the city.


A taxi Company that has over 66,000 cabs all over beijing, the company has almost all types of cabs that you commonly see in beijing. they are one of the largest taxi companies in the city.

Address: 2001-1-1, Nanxiaojie, Guangqumen, Dongcheng District, Beijing, P.R.C.
Tel: (+83)10 67160201

  • Sonata,
  • Jetta
  • Elysée,
  • Santana 3000

Beijing Eastern Taxi Service

Beijing Eastern taxi service is a company that offers airport transfer with a variety of cabs that are less common in beijing. Therefore to accommodate a different kinds of passenger needs.

Address: Beijing, China
Tel: 68351150

  • Hongqi CA 7202E3 Shijixing taxi
  • Geely Englon TX4 taxi
  • Chang’an E30 electric taxi

Beijing Airport Taxi

Beijing Airport Taxi is a great choice for airport passengers that needs to be around the city as soon as they arrive in beijing. With a very accommodating staff you are sure to have a more pleasant ride.

Address: Beijing China
Tel: +86-10-85893819

  • Volkswagen Milano Taxi
  • Red Beijing Hyundai Sonata Taxi
  • Elantra Green Taxi